We love society driven
software innovation


Together we develop applications that successfully bring citizens, companies and governments together.

Using existing tools or by building our own. Bringing innovation in citizenship, sustainability, social wellbeing and or spatial planning.

Visualize Data

prognosis of demography changes within Netherlands municipalities
live demos

Machine Learning

We have extensive experience with and passion for making data even smarter.

Our developers can assist with creating deeper learnings by combining your data with numerous open datasets.


We facilitate eductional courses in QGIS and other GEO related topics.

We can train your employees in programming with Python, R and SQL. So they can get started with getting more results out of your data.


Our people offer consultancy and or help implement (custom) GEO-IT software for you.

Strategic advice, Brainstorm as a Service, Project Management, Web-applications, Mobile-applications and or working more Agile.


We can help you with collecting sensor data over long distances.

Processing streams of Internet of Things data-points into usefull applications.


We are the Dutch business partner for building software on top of OpenStreetMap.

Visit one of our montly MapTime Meetups and help us contribute to this global participation project.

Open Source

We work with and contribute to FOSS (Free and open-source software).

For example: Django, Python, OpenLayers, QGIS, Flamingo, PostGIS and GeoServer.

Meet us yearly at FOSDEMs Geospatial developer room.
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