Routing engine insights awarded first-prize in Hackathon!

StraTopo successfully participated in Ultrahack’s ‘Data for Urban Logistics’ Hackathon, organized by EIT Digital and Urban Radar. In this competition teams had to focus on creating new conceptual business models for how logistics and delivery companies can make more informed decisions. By doing so, businesses can improve their operations while reducing their impacts on congestion and gas emissions in cities.

Data Driven Decisions

We create algorithms that provide insights which are essential to make decisions towards a zero emission city logistic. Using the Routing Engine, our algorithm calculated the percentage of citizens of a city that can walk within 15 minutes to a package delivery point. This is a starting point for a framework of algorithms to expand on.


– Providing a heatmap showing the optimal location for introducing bike package delivery or locker placement.

– Calculating the effect on emission and liveability by introducing bike delivery, locker placement or replacing trucks with more environmental friendly vehicles.

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