Our next example of geo data use for retail network optimization is reachability calculations of pharmacies in cities.

Pharmacies play an important role in the quality of healthcare of citizens, and having them easily accessible is vital to people who rely on repeat prescriptions, have mobility issues, or are otherwise too unwell to travel.

New Pharmacy location

When planning a new  pharmacy, you should take into account such factors as: Is it available to customers from their addresses within 15 minutes of walking? Where are your competitors located? Is it close to medical facilities? Pharmacies belong to ‘’essential retail’’ in a 15 Minute City. 

Pharmacy importance during COVID-19

During the lockdown, people avoid direct contact with others. As an effect, they prefer to stay near their houses and treat themselves with medication available across the counter. This need will grow as EU-governments expand COVID-19 vaccines and tests to pharmacies.

Reachability analysis helps pharmacies choose the optimal locations for clients to pick up their vaccines. Result: clients’ travel times decrease dramatically, which reduces unnecessary movements in Covid times. Vaccines are distributed more easily and pharmacies are less likely to become overcrowded

Are you well connected to pharmacies? Which areas in Maastricht will have the easiest access to pharmacies in general?

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