Enabling Mobility Experts to Focus on Mobility Insights with a High-Quality Multimodal Network

High quality and an up-to-date network are important for your spatial analysis.

StraTopo can support you in this task by providing continuously updated networks that you need. Our networks are specifically processed to be connected with high precision with the surrounding spatial environment (facilities, housing, etcetera). 

Available networks for multiple modalities

We offer this service for the following modalities: bicycles/pedestrians/cars. You can order a specific network for a modality or an all-inclusive one.

Connected to buildings and environment

Our solution works in any geographic area, from a small area to a region to a country. For the Netherlands, we have connected existing topography (like the BAG, which contains all buildings and addresses in the Netherlands) to a routed network. With this connected data you can use straightforward routing modeling to calculate the number of reachable addresses, people, or buildings.

We can connect any type of data to the networks making your geodata analysis straightforward, fast and highly valuable. On demand we can assist  you in executing your spatial analysis.

Automatic updates

StraTopo offers automatic weekly updates. OSM data is not ready to be processed immediately. Additionally, time-consuming steps are necessary as well as quality checks. We have automated this process.

Contact us via: info@stratopo.nl.