Our Intern Remo is working at StraTopo on his project ‘Geo-Design Within the 15 Minute City Concept. One of the first steps was to analyze and establish essential facilities in the city. In order to collect data we published his survey on the topic.

Now, the final results from Remo’s survey are in! In the chart below you can see what people find the most essential facilities in a city. These facilities must be reachable within 15 minutes of walking, to qualify it as a 15 Minute City.

You can see the distribution of votes in the chart besides. Only essential facilities belong to the 15 Minute City concept, and these are the places we wanted to find via this survey.

Grocery Shops, Bus Stops and Pharmacies as the Most Essential

All 146 participants found grocery shops, bus stops and pharmacies to be the most essential facilities. Of the participants of the survey, 60% were defined as women, and 40% as men.

Some other interesting results:

  • 1 of 3 participants aged below 30 years, found bars/pubs an essential facility in a 15 Minute City.
  • All participants aged above 40 years found health centers/ hospitals the most essential facilities in a 15 Minute City.
  • Participants aged below 30 value health centers/ hospitals 38% less.
  • 50% of men found sports facilities essential in a 15 Minute City, while only 38% of women feel the same.
  • 53% of the workforce (aged 20-64) find office/ working space an essential facility. This assumes working from home has become more popular and people have realised other working conditions.

If you want to learn more or analyze if your city belongs to the 15 Minute City concept, contact us at info@stratopo.nl.