Consortium Simtelligence with StraTopo on the lead, together with Amsterdam Data Collective and Logistics Community Brabant has been selected to take part in phase 1 of AI4Cities.

Simtelligence has been selected to take part in phase 1 of AI4Cities, an EU-funded Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) project, aiming to help cities accelerate their transition towards carbon neutrality. The project published its Request for Tenders (RfT) on 01.12.2020, looking for AI solutions that can contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the fields of mobility and energy, two domains responsible for 82% of all greenhouse gas emissions in European cities. Starting in Amsterdam, one of the frontrunners to become climate neutral before 2050 and expanding to other cities the Consortium is delighted to get started.

Simtelligence selected for AI4Cities

We were one of the 97 companies and consortia to submit an application following the Request for Tenders. 54 of those were submitted in the mobility challenge, 44 in the energy challenge. Following a thorough evaluation by the AI4Cities Buyers Group, 21 suppliers were selected for the mobility challenge and 20 for the energy challenge. As one of the ‘winning’ suppliers and top 2 of the Netherlands, we will now participate in the project’s Solution Design Phase and will receive 40,000 euros funding to further develop and accelerate our proposed solution in accordance with the input provided by the AI4Cities Buyers Group.


Our consortium consists of three members: StraTopo – a dynamic Geo-Informatics start-up, which provides spatial data solutions, Amsterdam Data Collective – a boutique end-to-end data-science-advisory with Public Sector experts, and Logistics Community Brabant, which connects organisations in a search for logistics innovations. We are excited to begin the solution design phase where we will validate and compare the added value of the product Simtelligence.


Multiple cross-country initiatives under the umbrella of Sustainable Development Goals require the mobility sector to make significant changes. Hence, with CO2 reduction in mind, Simtelligence is the proposed  solution of the current Consortium that will assist in facilitating traffic related improvements and will provide new insights to assist governmental decision makers in making the right investment decisions, which are in line with set public and private policies. Based on the simulation of human mobility behavior, Simtelligence will allow users to predict and to measure the effect of spatial changes on key metrics, while staying close to reality. This way what is decided in the present will have a positive impact on the future. 


The AI4Cities Buyers Group consists of lead procurer Forum Virium Helsinki (representing the city of Helsinki), Cap Digital (representing Paris Region), the city of Amsterdam, the city of Copenhagen, the city of Stavanger and the city of Tallinn. These six cities and regions have developed ambitious strategies and policy plans to become carbon neutral by – at the latest – 2050. In AI4Cities they joined forces to go through a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) project process, aiming to procure non-market ready solutions which can help them accelerate their transition to carbon neutrality by utilising artificial intelligence and related enabling technologies – such as big data applications, 5G, edge computing and IoT. Their choice to focus on energy and mobility-related challenges is informed by the fact that these two domains are responsible for 82% of GHG emissions in Europe’s cities.

We are happy to have gotten the opportunity to further develop this idea in the next three months. Following these three months, the AI4Cities Buyers Group will evaluate which suppliers will continue to Phase 2, the prototyping phase of AI4Cities. You can follow the progress of AI4Cities on the project website.