StraTopo’s high-quality routing network as the key to your spatial analysis

Now you can get a free data sample via Ellipsis Drive!

  • Driving networks

  • Cycling networks

  • Walking networks



The StraTopo API arose out of client-driven spatial API calls, based on their excellent routing networks.

Do you also want to do routing analysis in the Netherlands?
StraTopo can support you in this task by providing continuously updated networks that you need for your GIS projects!

StraTopo visualises its networks via Ellipsis Drive’s geospatial solution. Ellipsis Drive is a portal, which showcases the capabilities of StraTopo’s location-based models and pictorially depict and share our data.

Within a matter of clicks, Stratopo’s valuable data is converted into a real live map which can be easily collaborated on by participants simultaneously for better project management

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