Spatial domain experts in fields like mobility, or real estate do not always (want to) have an own tech team. In partnerships StraTopo collaborates with iterative geotech advise & development on demand.

We work with partners on the maintenance and development of geospatial tech products and on consultancy using our own GeoStrategyKit.

In the last years we have:

  • worked out use case specific reachability studies for many origin-destination combinations
  • iteratively build and maintained geospatial-webapplications
  • build integrations with standardized data streams, including complex webservices of the Cadastre
  • collaborated on geospatial data studies on several topics like, the energy transition, real estate investments, retail network analytics and spatial planning
  • helped out with case-specific visualizing geospatial data in collaboration with design agencies

Our team has high quality standards. We have in depth knowledge of many datasets and have geospatial tools at the ready on top of the many openly available tools. With every additional data we use we will dive deep in the characteristics of that data and the relation of it to the use case. We make sure that we make excellent use of geospatial data and advise in a careful way of how you can apply this in a use case.

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