StraTopo recently made maps that gave insight which routes children travel to get to school by bike or walking. With this map it becomes clear which roads need to be extra safe. This can be valuable information for municipalities.

Based on real data

The maps are based on different datasets provided by DUO. DUO publishes how many children go to each school from which area. However, these areas are large. At StraTopo we divide this data in smaller areas in a smart way based on where BAG addresses are.

Not everyone travels by foot

After generating the routes, we need to consider that not everyone will for example walk to there school. We make use of a travel time-decay-curve. The basic concept behind this is that: The further you live away from school the less likely you are to go by foot.

Children who live for example 1 minute walking distance from there school will likely walk to school. If children for example have to walk 10 minutes to school, they are less likely to do so. A percentage of children will, in that case go by bike or will be brought to school by there parents. Those children will contribute less to the amount of children on the road network.

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