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We help organizations level up through amazing location insights

Mobility and Transport

Spatial Planning and GIS Systems

Environmental Analysis and Prognoses

Data Analysis and Visualizations

Location Based Machine Learning

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StraTopo provides access to groundbreaking mobility and location insights


by delivering geographic data, real estate data, and data models.

Our Team

Sven Reulen

Founder & Director 

Marta Jastrzebowska

Project and
Communications Manager

Shan Shah

Senior Geo
Data Scientist

Niels van Reijmersdal

Software Creator

Piet Stevens

Project Sales

Thijs Smits

Software Developer

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With unique StraTopo datasets, we provide the insights you need for data-driven mobility policy.


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Are you lacking technical resources? StraTopo is a flexible partner that helps organizations find suitable solutions for complex issues.


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