Geo-factor Based Housing Valuation Model

The phrase “location, location, location” is used all the time in discussions and transactions in the real estate markets since it is one of the most important parts of real estate.

By recognizing their impact on the housing value, you and your clients can discover what they mean and analyze their proportional impact on business decisions and financial transactions.

  • Understand the value of your home

  • Compare locations with each other based on geographic factors

  • Predict the future value of your home based on the spatial investment

StraTopo trains AI models to provide insight into what geospatial factors has what predictive factor.

By integrating geodata from StraTopo, the Geo-factor Based Housing Valuation Model explains how location attributes affect house value. 

Geo factors Other

distance to the city center


facility accessibility score

housing type

distance to freeway

transaction date

bike reachability


coolness available in the environment

community score

neighbourhood code

wellbeing score

shops score

building period

bus stops and train stations

crime data