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Your partner in Geo-IT

At StraTopo we combine data-science and software-development to solve challenges in the geo domain. To truly work data-driven, reliable and explainable analyzes are essential. This is central to StraTopo.

StraTopo creates smart solutions for urban development, mobility and real estate. We are a trusted partner of research institutes, construction companies, universities and policymakers at governments delivering geographical data, real estate data and data-modeling.

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Map the reachability of facilities in your city
Simulate your future city
Where do children bike to school?
Plug and play geodata

Check if facilities in your city are easily reachable.

Check what impact roads or building have before they are build.

Get insight which routes children travel to get to school by bike or walking.

We sell datasets in our webshop.

We use our powerful geo-analysis to help retailers make better decisions.

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Simulate your future city

Ruimtelijke domein experts op het gebied van bijvoorbeeld mobiliteit of vastgoed hebben niet altijd de behoefte aan een eigen tech-team. In partnerschap voegt StraTopo waarde toe met iteratief geotech advies & ontwikkeling op maat.