Isochrones API implementation in YGIS

Screenshot of  Isochrone button in YGIS.


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Location and demographic data is extremely important when conducting area analysis. The most relevant information comes from the catchment area.

Catchment (or coverage) areas can provide insight into travel times, accessibility levels, neighbourhood types and properties. This helps real estate experts identify the best locations for new investments as well as improvements of the current situation.


Our partner AGEL adviseurs, now part of Stantec, implemented in their YGIS geo-portal StraTopo’s Isochrone API.


YGIS is an application that enables professionals in the geo-domain to gather information about area development, real estate and other subjects.

With the addition of the isochrones functionality, it can provide their users- real estate agencies with a unique location and reachability insights. When combined with local statistics it allows spatial reachability calculations, such as the number of nearby hospitality locations, the closest school, the type of part of the neighbourhood within a 5-minute walk and many others

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