Expand your platform’s capabilities with a quick and easy Isochrone API integration

  • Simple implementation in your platform
  • Travel time isochrones available at the touch of a button

  • Easy to integrate own data or other external data

Isochrone API

Gain more location-based insights with the help of the StraTopo API

Code example:

The Isochrone API can be accessed through an HTTP POST request to the following endpoint:

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The request header should look like:

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where AUTH_KEY stands for your personal API key. Don’t have one yet? Contact us to help you get started.

Your request body should be a JSON containing the specifications for the isochrones you wish to generate. Currently, only a single starting location can be entered, but multiple travel durations can be set in the same request. The supported specifications are:

  • latitude, longitude: the coordinates of the starting location,
  • minutes: an array of travel durations in minutes,
  • modality: the modality to be used for travel around the starting location. Walking and biking are currently supported.

(See our OpenAPI documentation as well for all the details.) The request response will be a GeoJSON containing a polygon for each item in the minutes array, ready for use in your own applications.

The following example demonstrates how in a few lines of code the request can be made in Javascript and visualised on an interactive map with the Leaflet library.

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After saving this as an HTML file and opening it in a browser you will get this isochrone shape: