Mobility Simulation Model

Dynamically anticipate effects of spatial changes on mobility for a healthier and smarter future

Our simulation model predicts mobility intensities based on the living environment. We use AI to learn what the effect is of a spatial change of the environment on multiple modalities. For example, we can calculate the CO2 effect of a snelfietsroute given a certain environment.

With this knowledge, we can give a clear and trustworthy estimate on the effect of spatial change on key metrics, like estimates on CO2 emission, congestion and intensities.

This solution assists in facilitating traffic-related improvements and provides new insights to assist in making the right investment decisions.

StraTopo worked out the fundament of this prediction model in the AI4Cities EU funded project, which is aiming to help cities accelerate their transition towards carbon neutrality. We are looking for partnerships to further develop the data model.

AI for mobility and CO2 emissions predictions at StraTopo
AI Mobility simulation