Identify the best locations for new establishments

Outperform competitors by choosing new business locations based on advanced location insights.

Exclusive by request.

    Customized result

    By combining location insights, real estate values and demographic data, we identify optimal properties for new establishments.

    Easily compare locations

    You receive a location report with which you can easily compare the different options.

    Need advice?

    We help you determine which factors and data to consider to make well-informed decisions regarding your location selection.

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    Choose between:

    • finding your office location, 
    • looking for opportunities to optimize the existing branch of your business locations.

    New Office Location

    1.In which area do you want to be located

    2.Where are your clients?

    3.Where are your competitors? 

    4.For what type of transport should it be reachable?

    See the results- you can see the reachability of your competitors and the addresses of your clients.


    At this step, you can select the visibility of clients and competitors’ addresses.

    Add extra location reachability insights, which are important for your new office.

    Finish defining your criteria and see the results-propositions of the optimal locations for your new office.