Use machine learning to improve your data quality and business decision making

Machine learning is an innovative part of AI, where systems can learn from data, identify patterns, and make decisions with minimal human intervention.

By using machine learning, your business can build models that can analyze larger, more complex data and deliver faster, more accurate results. You have the chance to identify a profitable opportunity and avoid risk.

At StraTopo, we use the best ML methods, which we improved by adding location data.

In our product, we have distinguished:
Location Based Machine Learning for Housing

Clustering houses

Calculating neighborhoods


Housing value/ price estimations

Other studies, scenarios and statistics

Price estimations

After noticing the extreme deviation of transaction prices and the WOZ value we started a hobby project to experiment if we could do this better. After showing our results to partners/clients/people we decided on making this a product for the company. This is a real ‘product seeks clients’ approach, other then all other assignments in StraTopo.

Our data model estimates realistic transaction prices of houses, at this moment in Limburg.


LoBaML uses not only the technical data and information about properties but also geofactors as inputs, which are generated by means of complex geodata models within StraTopo.

We use a postgres database with the postgis and pgrouting extension. With these extensions we can run the geo data models which provide unique input features.



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