Is your city heatproof?

Gain insight into the coolness via implementing Isochrone API combined with the trees and land use data

During hot periods can you find a cool, relaxing place in your neighborhood? This ability has a significant impact on the quality of life in the city.
Or maybe you just want to know where are parks and forests in your area?

Let us help you analyze and visualize this problem to improve your heat proofing.

  • StraTopo implements tree and land use data on our map

  • Travel API calculates the distance to the ”coolness”

  • Heat maps are created, where you can simply read and understand the data

We made this product in our collaboration with the Wijken van de Toekomst concept alongside our collaboration partner AGEL adviseurs. Our goal was to analyze a neighborhood based on several unique insights. We were asked for insight on the ‘coolness’ of the environment. We built a re-usable data- model that visualizes cool and warm places in a city.

In our projects we use data of trees: the type, locations and the effect on coolness based on scientific research of Wageningen University, combined with land use data. Trees play an important role in creating heat proof environments.

We calculate the combined effect of land use and trees placed together. For example we looked at grass, water (rivers and lakes), bushes and wetlands trees.

With this data, we were able to create accurate heatmaps. In addition we show the distances from such spheres to residential buildings. The recommended distance from a residential home to a cool place should not exceed 300 meters. On our maps, we indicate which individual houses meet this requirement.

In the future, once we gain more data, we strive to create prognoses about advised changes to create more cool places in the city, which will increases living standards of inhabitants of municipality.

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