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Map showing walking distances from addresses to delivery pick-up points, made using StraTopo’s Routing Engine.

Improve your mobility network

StraTopo’s data models enable you to identify inefficiencies of mobility networks, for example municipalities and cities.

Identify optimal locations

Using our Routing Engine, you can analyze address accessibility to identify optimal locations for new offices or real estate.

Strengthen logistics operations

Calculate ideal routes to stopovers and plan locations for delivery points and supplies.


Reachability by bicycleby footby public transportby carby truck

With unique StraTopo datasets, we provide the insights you need for data-driven mobility policy.


Technical partner

Are you lacking technical resources? StraTopo is a flexible partner that helps organizations find suitable solutions for complex issues.


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We listen, advise, and deliver the right data models for your requested insights.

Multi routing accessibility insights


Start smart mobility by taking advantage of intelligent routing and spatial planning insight in your city.

Calculates how residents can quickly and cleverly navigate the city.



Bicycle Oriented Development (BOD)

In the United States, Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) is used to make metro and pedestrian traffic more efficient. Inspired by TOD has Stra Topo, in cooperation with Breda University of Applied Science, introduced the concept BOD


The BOD Quick Scan identifies improvements in bicycle networks. By combining unique datasets and smart algorithms, many scenarios can be calculated to provide insight, taking into account factors such as the number of accessible homes, offices and shops near your location.


  • Optimal bicycle connection between 2 locations

  • Available facilities within X minutes by bike from a location

  • Effects of any adaptation to the cycling network

  • And more

BOD Quick Scan

Click here to request a free report with the BOD Quick Scan.

Routing Engine

Unique data modelling and reachability calculations


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1. Introduction

Discussion with our geospatial specialists about your goals and challenges.

2. Customization

Offering you the Routing Engine, which delivers the insights specified to your needs.

3. Collaboration

Do you agree with the offer? Then, we convert the in-depth study into actions.

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