Multi routing accessibility insights


Start smart mobility by taking advantage of intelligent routing and spatial planning insight in your city.

Calculates how residents can quickly and cleverly navigate the city.

An innovative way to gain insights into spatial planning and mobility for companies and municipalities.

Bicycle Oriented Development as a part in Routing Engine at StraTopo.

The solution for new urbanization? Take bicycle and public transport as a sustainable starting point with Bicycle Oriented Development (BOD)!

BOD is used by municipalities in the Netherlands to improve city-wide accessibility by bicycles and public transport. This provides an alternative to the current role of the car in the spatial environment, offers an alternative to parking and makes inefficient bicycle connections clear.

The BOD concept is based on the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) concept. In the United States, the TOD principle has been applied to metros and pedestrians. The combination of bicycle and high-quality public transport is a logical combination in the mobility of the Netherlands. These insights are useful for planners and mobility professionals.

Click here for free quick scan report from a location of your choice

Click here for free quick scan report from a location of your choice

Different scenarios are calculated such as the fastest cycling route, use of the ebikes or powerbikes, and the effects of any adjustments to the bicycle network.

The calculation factors in the number of accessible homes, offices and shops close to your location.

Additionally you can get information like:

-Scan of facilities of any place,

-Shown bike highway,

-Terrains out of use for bikes.

  • The use of the bike/powerbike,
  • The cycle/ walking connection between 2 locations (e.g. neighborhood – school),
  • Decreased speed on given routes,
  • Most optimal route calculation,
  • Best place to reach most of the city within chosen time,
  • Insights on adaptation on the current bikenet/ walking net (e.g. effect of a bike bridge),
  • Ratio spatial plans bike infrastructure,
  • Implementation of a bike highway.

Story of BOD

The creation of BOD is result of the collaboration between StraTopo and Breda University. Our cooperation partner AGEL adviseurs contributes to the BOD concept and uses its expertise to further refine the model to future-proof neighborhoods. The BOD approach adds an extra dimension to the systems of AGEL advisers and partners, and demonstrates its usefulness in students mobility in secondary schools.

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