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Our partner AGEL adviseurs, now part of Stantec, implemented StraTopo’s Isochrone API in their YGIS geo-portal. Isochrones API addition provides insights into reachability from facilities and addresses within 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 minutes. 

StraTopo has won a hackathon by creating an optimal system of parcel collection points based on accessibility data.

Through collaboration in ”Neighborhood of the Future” with AGEL adviseurs, we have created an accurate heatmapping solution to determine the locations of a “cool” environment and accessibility to them from addresses in any area.

Bicycle accessibility primary schools

For primary schools in North Brabant, we provided data that mapped the catchment area of each school and cycling travel times by using Mass Traveltime API.

StraTopo generated data and created a software tool in the BOD concept developed by the Breda University of Applied Science.

Prognosis for 2040

In this project, Stratopo created a projection of The Netherlands’ population in 2040. The result was collected through data analyses, insight, and visualizations in GIS. 

For various customers we provide accessibility data, data enrichment, data modeling and visualisations on request via our StraTopo API.

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Consortium Simtelligence with StraTopo on the lead, together with Amsterdam Data Collective and Logistics Community Brabant has been selected to take part in phase 1 of AI4Cities.

For one of our clients, we built a Machine Learning model for identifying reference buildings in the context of real estate valuation.

YGIS is an application with which geo-information can be assessed in the correct context. For partner AGEL adviseurs, we maintain the YGIS geo-portal and expand the functionality on request.

As a sparring partner with AGEL adviseurs StraTopo supported the development of the ”Neighborhood of the Future” concept and provided geographic (heatproof resistance) insights.

StraTopo provides real estate clients with insight into locations and their reachability, as well as statistics such as demographics, economic, and more to help them make the best business decisions.

Public transport and data projects

Through this project, Stratopo generated new insight into the use of different transport modes on specific transport connections. Resulting in the identification of connections that have the highest potential for more bus transport.

Relationships between municipalities

Through our analysis, Urban municipalities had a higher percentage of car trips compared to connections with shared mobility. Thus, it could be further argued that shared mobility could play a greater role.