Participation in the Concept Bicycle Oriented Development

See the presentation of Breda University of Applied Sciences introducing the use of the BOD concept 


Improving spatial planning from the bicycle perspective. Development of bicycle + public transport as an urbanization concept.


The Bicycle Oriented Development (BOD) concept was developed by Breda University of Applied Science, where StraTopo supplied accessibility data, demographic data and custom software.


The built software enables Breda University to:

  • Calculate bicycle accessibility areas from any point in the city.
  • Calculate the influence of numerous scenarios on accessibility and mobility, including:
    -How can we best optimize the bicycle network? (By constructing bicycle highways, bicycle bridges or tunnels, for example.)
    -Where are areas that affect cycling + public transport?
  • Analyze cities by means of an area scan, which provides insight into, for example: number of homes, residents, unused sites, offices and more.

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