Great quality software for your mobility and spatial analysis tools

Achieve your company’s goals and grow with the right programming specialists, who can help you with:

Software development 

             Data                Modelling

           Data            pipeline (ETL)

Testing and automated tests (CI)

            Data                  visualisation     


Software maintenance

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Together we develop applications that successfully bring citizens, companies and governments together.

Software invented with you in mind, working the way you want it to work, coordinated with your business needs and processes. Using existing tools or by building our own. Bringing innovation in citizenship, sustainability, social wellbeing and or spatial planning.

You always get from us:

• access to technical expertise and innovation to deliver the highest quality and functionality at the right time,

• reliable support from developers and other experts as required, so your business can always be safe and protected,

flexible, fast pacing team working with you, which lets you boost your ideas and grow faster

creative, inventive team working on the best solutions for you,

• long term or short term contracts fell fitting to your needs.

Software developing in many languages (Python, Java, Javascript, Typescript)

We build:

  • Software to integrate with your data and processes
  • Extension of your software to use extra (geo/data) modules
  • Web-based GIS applications, tools and supporting web services using standard software life cycle processes
  • Geographic software together with open source GIS such as QGIS
  • New software or improve your existing ones

Data Modelling

Our data modelling serves as a visual guide in designing and deploying your databases with high-quality data sources as part of application development.

You can define and categorize your data, establish standards and rules so it can be consumed and then used by information systems. This is a cost-effective and efficient way to manage and govern massive volumes of your organisation’s data, aligning data assets with your business functions.

Data pipeline (ETL)

ETL describes the process prepared data for further processing, analysis or visualization.

Extract: retrieve data from a source

Transform: converting retrieved data according to rules and look-up tables or making combinations of data from different sources

Load: write the data to another place

Automated software

Testing and automated tests (CI)

Add automated testing to your software to increase engineering velocity and quality. Reduce your testing efforts, deliver capability faster and more affordably.

Data Visualizations

By using visual elements like charts, graphs, and maps, data visualization tools provide you an accessible way to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data.

Software maintenance 

Your organization doesn’t have its own IT department or your team just needs outside help? We understand that applications need to be able to adapt quickly to your plans. We not only look after the application but also the related processes. We ensure the responsibility of correct maintenance and safety.

We provide support, troubleshooting, modifications, enhancements and maintenance for existing GIS applications, scripts, tools and web services.

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